My Oil Painting Of Kylie Minogue


Kylie Oil Portrait Final

So I wanted to share this with you…

I was so grateful for being on The Voice UK show and was really flattered by the reaction and response from KYLIE MINOGUE  that I wanted to give something back. I wanted to thank her.  Now, the question is, what can you give someone that pretty much has everything.?  A few things comes to my mind, but I will leave that to another blog.

So then it hit me, I will do an oil portrait of her.  Now most people don’t know that I paint, bizarrely most people refuse to believe that I do. I don’t really tell people, to be honest, I hardly ever paint so I don’t talk about it.. I only discoveLeo Ihenacho Painting Kylie Minoguered that I had a knack for painting a few years ago when I decided to paint something for an empty wall I had in my previous flat.

The thing with ‘art’ is that some look like a 3 year old child had been let loose on a canvas, so i thought, if I could do something like that and put it in a nice frame, I can pass it off as a work of ‘art’  You can call me the black Van Gogh. However, to my surprise, the painting actually turned out much better than I expected.  I have never been taught to paint and I never went to art school,  that was the first time I had ever taken paint brush to canvas. My brother once said to me “Draw what you see” I think that has stuck with me since.

Leo Ihenacho Painting Kylie Minogue

 I was gutted and let down

Rewind 6 months ago, here I am doing the Kylie painting.. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it.. it was my secret. I wanted it to be a surprise…it was my personal thank you gift to Kylie for turning round and believing in me. So everyday when I got back from The Voice rehearsal or filming, I would lock myself in my makeshift art studio and do a bit more. Sometimes till the early hours of the morning tryna get her nostrils to look like nostrils or the curls in her hair to look like curls in her hair.  Then the tragedy happened..It was the Knockout rounds of the show, I had just performed my song, I really believed I had done enough to get through to the live shows but Kylie didn’t pick me for her final 3.  I was gutted and let down.

Leo Ihenacho Painting Kylie Minogue

Kylie had dumped me.   I wanted to go home and trash the painting, I wanted to paint her nose like The Wicked Witch Of The West…lol, I wanted  burn the canvas, how can she do this to me..?  I had so much more to give, so much more to show, sadly it wasn’t to be.  A few days past and I came to terms with it.. I decided despite everything, she had a job to do and I unfortunately was one of the unlucky victims.  I did have an amazing time on the show working with all the producers and getting to know all the singers in the competition they were like my other family. I was and still am truly grateful for the opportunity and experience that I have had.. so I decided, what the heck, I will finish the painting and give it to her.

 She Loves It  

So here I am at the wrap party, the painting is in the back room at front reception.. I tell Kylie I have a surprise for her, so I take her up the back room where I present her with the painting…She is totally surprised, she loves it..she actually really loves it, “wow, you even got my eyebrows right..” she says. ”phew, I thought you were gonna give me a puppy…”Kylie Minogue With OIl Painting By Leo Ihenacho

Kylie Minogue Leo Ihenacho With Oil Painting

The moral of the story 

Kylie got an oil painting even though she dumped me at the Knockouts… Imagine what she would have got if she took me to the Live Finals….Sometimes, people just don’t know what they are missing…..

Stages Of Oil Painting

Kylie Minogue canvas sketch Kylie Minogue Oil Canvas 2 Leo IhenachoKylie Minogue Oil Canvas 3 Leo IhenachoKylie Minogue Oil Canvas 4 Leo IhenachoKylie Minogue Oil Canvas 5 Leo IhenachoKylie Minogue Oil Canvas 6 Leo Ihenacho

Kylie Minogue Oil Portrait By Leo Ihenacho

Kylie Minogue Oil Portrait Painting By Leo Ihenacho

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Leo Ihenacho “Holding Back The Years” – The Voice UK Season 3 (Full Audition)

Such an incredible feeling  performing on The Voice, i am so happy with the song choice, as its one of my favourite tunes.. such a classic soulful vibe. i have been watching so many talent shows throughout the years, and im so glad nobody has covered it.. it was a perfect song choice for me…

The funny thing is i do not remember the actual performance… all i remember is walking on stage at the start and seeing the back of those four chairs, wondering what was going through the coaches minds…is the next act gonna be good?…will i buzz in..?  Then the music starts… thats when my mind  goes blank…

The next bit i remember was hitting a high note at the end of the song, when a bright light catches my eye, it is then i realise where i am and im thinking..”Oh Sh**!! i’m performing on The Voice and somebody has turned… i didnt know who it was at first, then i realised it was Kylie…Wow..!  then Tom turned…Incredible… its such an honour…

I took a risk by going on this show…i came out of my comfort zone and went for it…I felt the fear and did it anyway…sometimes in life i think you have to, as thats is truly when you feel alive.. im glad i took the risk… and im enjoying its pay off..

The Voice UK Season 3 – continues Saturday BBC 1


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Leo The Lion – You Had Me At Hello (Txt Video)

Here is a song what I wrote.. the moment you meet the person of your dreams… your soul-mate.. that feeling you get , the complete feeling.. everything makes sense now…all the stress and headache and misfortune that lead you to this moment, and it all makes sense now. It was all worth it..!

Available On iTunes

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Pull Scherzy 4 Leo


Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

Hey guys.. I fancy this bird called Nicole Scherzinger,  she’s currently single but I just can’t seem to get her attention to ask her out,

I’ve tweeted her and even sent her a picture of my dog Ganxstar, but she is having none of it…!!

My game is seriously being tested now…and I Literally  will do anything for a date…

Can you guys help a lion out with some decent chat up lines?  I’ll make it worth your while by giving the best ones free tickets to my upcoming gig and a signed album…

All you gotta do is tweet the lovely Ms Scherzy as follows:

@NicoleScherzy would you date @iamleothelion if he ……???… #PullScherzy4Leo

Be funny and creative – and remember, I’ll do ANYTHING for this woman!


Thought:   If she don’t respond to this, I dont know what will…!

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